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Virtually all searches for products or services are conducted online, so you can’t afford to wait around when it comes to your Internet marketing strategy. Fortunately, you don’t have to. When you work with Click Depot you don’t pay for promises—you pay for results. We make money because you’re making money as a result of our efforts. We’re already bringing in millions of dollars in monthly revenue for other smart business owners just like you.

Website Development & Full Service Internet Marketing to Boost Your Bottom Line!

What does traffic mean to you? What are you really after when you try to generate traffic for your website? Customers. Customers who are interested and want to buy your products and your services.

You can’t get them without a comprehensive digital strategy that puts you right where they are. It may be a stretch to say that most business owners get all of their business online…but it’s not a stretch to say that all business owners now get most of their business online.

That’s why we use a multi-focused program and develop your strategy through various stages to reach customers on every corner of the Internet—ensuring you’re visible every place they go to look for businesses like yours.

Join the thousands of business owners who have chosen The Click Depot to help them to dominate their competition and become a leader in their marketplace. We pledge to provide complete customer service for all of our clients.

Our Web Design & Digital Marketing Suite of Services

Web Design / Development


Responsive mobile friendly brochure style to custom eCommerce website design and development solutions. Our creative team will create a first impression that will keep your customers coming back. Set up a creative meeting today and allow us to help you showcase your business.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO – Organic Search Engine Optimization. We are your local experts, using time-tested methods to index your websites in the most competitive search engines. Contact us today and put your digital marketing strategy to work with a team that is dedicated to your business.


Local SEO & Maps

Local organic map placement for desktops and mobile devices. Get your business set up, verified and claim your piece of this gold rush of business happening all around you. List your business in the top 3 – 7 listings throughout all the terms your customers search for. Call us today for a custom local map strategy.


PPC – Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is an instantaneous flow of traffic into your business. Your competitors are investing over $36 Billion a year to get in-front of customers. Still think it doesn’t work? The return on these dollars are in the trillions. How much of that is yours? Our PPC Management carries no long term contracts and set up fees. Hire The Click Depot and save money by creating a winning strategy every month.


Content/Business Branding

Is Word of Mouth a large percent of your business? Then social media needs to be part of your digital marketing strategy. Social Media is the new word of mouth and keeps your business on the top of your recommended, referral, and repeat customers even when they are not ready to do business. Stay infront of your customers and start a social media campaign that keeps telling your story every day.


Social Media Marketing

Branding is tough. Cattle are only branded once. Gotta get it right the first time. Build your brand and create marketing synergy throughout all your advertising through logo design, stationary, business cards, decals, Radio, TV, Newspaper and Magazine ads. Utilize a complete solution to take your business over the top of your competitors. Call The Click Depot today and we will have your business leading the pack!


Generate Real Results, Real Revenue, Real Returns

Something as obvious as keeping your lights on is a big part of making customers feel comfortable about walking in your door. We will explore all of the ways that we can work together to keep your customers feeling like your internet storefront has all of the tangibles and intangibles they are looking for to inquire within. Remember, we are not our customers’ favorite charity. We get paid because our customers make a lot of money throughour internet marketing strategies we customize for each of them. At The Click Depot we are dedicated to remaining transparent so you always understand exactly what you’re paying for.

Dedicated Project Consultants

One point of contact who stays on top of your company’s needs.

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

Log in to your custom real time dashboard account to view updates to your traffic, conversions, rankings, analytics and more.

Account Review

Need help understanding your results? Contact us for a full account review.

Our Pledge

We don’t lock you into long contracts or have set up fees to discourage you. We take the time to understand you business, your goals and recommend a customized plan that will work for your business. Our #1 goal is to establish a long term relationship as your internet marketing department. We like our customers to look at us as their internet marketing team or an extension of their company. When your business partners with The Click Depot we take the ownership principle and work together with you to help your business be a noteworthy competitor in your marketplace.

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