Six Ways The Click Depot Contributes to Successful Businesses

No single Internet marketing strategy can successfully execute the hard work of helping a business gain visibility and generate leads. It requires a comprehensive, six-point strategy. Each element of The Click Depot’s services works to uplift and strengthen all of the other elements, placing your business on a firm, solid foundation.

Responsive Web Design and Development

Your website speaks for your business, so creating a great website is the very first piece of the internet marketing puzzle. Every aspect of the design should reflect the business: the colors, logos, fonts, themes and words must all communicate your unique selling points, business mission, and approach. It must also be navigable and user-friendly across all devices, so you can meet your customer wherever he or she might be, whether accessing the internet at home on a PC or on-the-go on a mobile device.

We can accommodate every business website challenge. Need a brand new website, built from the ground up? We can do that. Need responsive re-design that really “pops”, getting customer attention and converting more sales? We can do that, too. Don’t leave the most important representative of your business in the hands of amateurs. Contact The Click Depot to ask about responsive web design services today.

Local SEO

Dozens of competitors in any metro area compete for just 7 coveted search engine results spots, making local SEO an integral part of any Internet marketing plan. They’re the Local Maps spots—the results marked “A-G” when you search for any local business.

Unless you’re a 100% e-commerce business, location matters. Most people click on one of these coveted 7 top spots. That business gets the call, and that business makes the sale.

So where’s your business?

If you can’t find your name next to a map icon for your business keywords, you need our help. If you have to scroll through three pages of map results only to locate your business somewhere around map pin “T,” “U,” or “V,” you need our help. Our Local SEO specialists know how to navigate the complex issues impacting your maps placement, giving you the profitable digital location that pulls clients through your front door.

 Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO really? It’s visibility and credibility all wrapped up in one powerful packaging. It’s your ticket to the front page of major search engine results—the place where all the action happens.

It’s also an ever-shifting landscape, a treacherous place where algorithm changes and competitor activity can leave you lost. Let The Click Depot be your guide. Our SEO team analyzes and addresses hundreds of ranking factors, tightening them up, tuning them up, and improving them so you get your best chance of success. We use ethical techniques sanctioned by all major search engines so you aren’t hit with any nasty surprises later.

We’ll get you where you need to be, and we’ll keep you there.

Social Media Marketing

2.1 billion. That’s the number of people out there with social media accounts. Plenty of San Antonio’s residents are out there commenting, following, sharing, and engaging with their favorite brands. The Click Depot uses social media to build brands, serve customers, and support other digital marketing efforts. We manage every aspect of your social media campaign, from page set-up, to growing your follower base, to posting updates. We’ll also work with you to help resolve any customer service issues which might arise people begin to engage with your company.


PPC ads drive leads. 52% of the people who click on ads call the business. These highly valuable leads are almost twice as likely to convert. PPC is a must-have strategy for any business.

It’s also a strategy that’s easy to get wrong. Target the wrong keywords, overdo it on bidding, or mismatch the copy to the landing page and you’ve got a recipe for trouble. Expensive trouble. Don’t try to do PPC on your own.  Get a top-notch team of experts on your side. All of our PPC consultants are AdWords certified, and work constantly to stay on top of important industry trends. The end result? High-ROI campaigns that work.

Copywriting Services

Content has always been king. Nothing has ever managed to dethrone it, and so long as the Internet remains, nothing ever will. Successful businesses know websites are built on great content. Content which speaks to the needs of customers while observing SEO best practices. Content which captivates and drives conversions while remaining useful and interesting.

It’s an art. It’s a science. A perfect dance of left-brain analysis and right-brain creativity. Our experienced copywriters will help you convey the message that’s right at the tip of your tongue, all while using the keywords and strategies which drive organic search.

Are you ready to put together a winning Internet marketing strategy? Get your free quote now.