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Stop wasting your pay per click budget on ads that don’t perform. Work with the company who understands the difference between clicks and sales. We’ll make sure you receive an outstanding ROI on all of your PPC efforts.

Our PPC professionals are Certified Professionals, which means they understand the complex interactions between keywords, budgets, ad copy, and landing pages. They know how to keep your ad at the head of the pack, and they know how to capture traffic that’s ready to buy.

  • Ad Copy
  • Competitive Landing Pages
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Split Testing
  • Reporting

“PPC was absolutely incomprehensible and not at all profitable until I found The Click Depot. I’ve seen a significant increase in sales since they took over the program.” –N. Walker, E-commerce site owner, San Antonio, TX

Tiny Message. Powerful punch.

Writing PPC ad copy is unlike any other form of writing. Space is limited. 25 character headlines. 17 character taglines. And one 17 character call to action. There are 15 characters in the words “call to action” alone. It takes some serious creativity to create compelling messages in such tiny spaces.

If your ad copy isn’t performing your PPC ads won’t earn a good position—and you won’t get clicks, earn leads, or make sales because customers are ignoring you completely, simply because they can’t see your message.

Many business owners have tried and failed to win by throwing more money at the problem. Increasing bid amounts can help somewhat, but sooner or later the law of diminishing returns kicks in. Search engines simply will not display ads they don’t see as relevant, even if you bid 10x more than your closest competitor.

There are execution issues to think about as well. For example, ads that don’t match the landing page tend to flop, no matter how well written they are. The landing page must meet customer expectations. The experience must be seamless. Otherwise you might waste thousands of dollars on clicks that don’t earn any money.

Remember, a click isn’t a sale. “You only pay when someone clicks on your ad” is no safeguard. Clicks alone can put you right in the red if you’re not careful.

You don’t have the time or money to waste on ineffective PPC strategies, so it’s important to avoid letting “just anyone” touch your pay per click ads. Our PPC specialists are AdWords Certified, which means they’re true experts in the world of PPC. They’re savvy copywriters who know how to get a customer’s attention without creating unrealistic expectations. They understand how to build ads around solid keywords, ads that lead customers to effective offers which either create leads or earn sales.

Avoid costly trial-and-error strategies. The Click Depot ads convert. Find out what our ad copy specialists can do for you.

You have the click. Now what?

Webpages for PPC require a beautiful design, great copy, and a clear call-to-action. The Click Depot’s Certified Adwords Managers will work directly with you and our website design team to recommend and to create conversion friendly, branded pages inside your website to support your message and mission. We handle all of the technical details: installing the relevant product or services pages for your PPC campaign, connecting them to your navigation and potentially attaching them to your e-mail marketing campaign. We can even launch multiple products or services and create more targeted internal pages through our website design team to support multiple ads, creating a powerful, multi-pronged, full-scale PPC campaign.

Forget Going Global. Go local.

Your PPC campaign might be talking to all the wrong folks.

You’re a local company that serves a specific location. If you’re in a single location most customers show up from a 20 mile radius or less. If you’ve got a market service area you can draw boundary lines on a map. Marketing outside of those lines? A waste of time and money.

PPC’s default settings are global. Australian impressions and clicks don’t help your business—those customers are never going to call your localroofing company. Customers in Canada aren’t going to enter your Wilson gym.

We can target your local area, the entire metro area, a group of towns and cities, the state of Texas, the Southwest region or the nation. The choice is yours, depending upon how and where you do business. Serving Atascosa, Comal, Medina, Bandera, and Bexar? We can target those cities, and leave the others alone.

Geo-targeting offers solutions. Our team targets your PPC ads, displaying them only in places you do business. Our smart geo-targeting strategies bring in revenue, transforming your PPC ad campaign from liability to investment in the blink of an eye.

Send your ads to boot camp.

Some PPC ads are a little…flabby. They’re performers, but they aren’t high-performance.

Running a PPC ad without using A/B testing is like trying to compete in the Olympics without a daily training regimen. You might get to run the race, but you won’t win.

Play to win.

  • Better results
  • Increased ROI
  • No Fee Increase

Our Certified AdWords Experts engage in regular A/B testing, writing various versions of your ads, running experiments to learn how effective they can be. Small tweaks in ad copy make big differences, and we’re not satisfied until we see true, incremental improvements, increasing ROI.

If an ad consistently wins tests, we keep running it—but we won’t stop testing it. Even great ads get stale over time.

We use top-notch, smart data to learn all we can about each ad’s effectiveness. We study other top performers so we can learn all their best moves. We keep striving to bring you more value every single day—even though our fees don’t increase.

Don’t take our word for it.

We’re happy to tell you all the ways we can make your PPC campaigns more successful—but we don’t expect you to take our suggestions on faith.

We’re prepared to show you.

Every customer receives access to a share account which provides access to real-time PPC data at work. You’ll log into a beautiful, navigable dashboard which will show you all of your performance statistics. Click through rates. Call Counts. Conversion statistics. Ad position. It’s all right at your fingertips.

  • Total Transparency
  • Peace of Mind
  • Visible Results
  • Account Review Available Upon Request
  • Data-Driven Decision Making

We’re using the data too, combining it with industry best practices to help your ads rise to the top.

Stop flying blind. Work with a PPC ad management firm who respects you enough to give you access to your own data. After all, they’re your ads—we’re just taking care of them for you.


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