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Case Study

Aadampo: Sankofa Ethic Beads & Baskets

Aadampo is focused of bringing diversity through cultural elements. They aim to educate their clients on the historical, social, and religious significances of their products and unite through the love of art and culture.

25%  Increase in New Customer Retention Rate

70% Increased Monthly Online Purchases

4K Additional Monthly Revenue

The Challenge at Hand

Marketing By Word-Of-Mouth Had Become Ineffective

Combined, they had 40 years of experience. But getting new business through referrals didn’t measure up to the new digital marketing landscape.

Word-of-mouth advertising was the ideal marketing method for decades, but it was falling short in the new internet-driven world. With the extensive reach and precise targeting that their competitors were using by online marketing, they could see that their business was suffering. Word-of-mouth wasn’t going to cut it anymore.


The Solution

Redesign Their Entire Website

The Click Depot showed them how the power of a well-thought-out online strategy that included strategic website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and carefully chosen online marketing tools would positively impact and grow their business.


The Solution

Develop A Strong Adwords Campaign

Instead of settling for what was available to them at the moment and the traditional way of marketing, they knew what their company had to offer and how many people could benefit from their services.


The Solution

Restructured Content & Keywords

Not only did The Click Depot create a fully functional website and a successful SEO strategy that turned their business around, but we also understand the value of premium customer services.

The Results After One Year

In their first year, Aadampo’s annual gross revenue went from $360K to just over $560K.

New client acquisition rose to an average of 17 ongoing clients per month, which resulted in approximately 200 new stable clients by year’s end.

Best of all, Aadampo has entered three new exciting geographic markets while reducing their overall marketing cost by over 25%.

25% Increase in New Customer Retention Rate

70% Increased Monthly Online Purchases

4K Additional Monthly Revenue

New Google Ads Campaign Increased Monthly Leads by More Than a 200% Increase

Straight From the Business Owner

“The Click Depot helped us move into the new world of digital marketing. It has made a huge difference in our company.”

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