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Case Study

Empreus: Entertainment & Event Promoter

Empreus was founded in 1999 by CEO Bobby R Batts. Bobby is a highly sought-after professional boxing trainer with a vision for promotional enterprises featuring exotic venues for boxing all over the world. Bobby has introduced many talented and reputable fighters all over North America and worldwide.

95%  Increase in website traffic

100K Ticket Sales

250K+ Total unique visitors

The Challenge

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Wasn't Working Anymore

Empreus needed to make tickets sales and a lot of them. They didn’t want to settle for the traditional word of mouth marketing that had worked for them in the past. They knew this time they had to go big or go home. Empreus had to find a new, more effective way to reach their audience if they wanted to sell out the venues and rise to the top of the entertainment industry.

The Solution

Social Media Campaigns to Drive More Leads

Through social media marketing, we were able to successfully collect the leads that drove the sales necessary for their upcoming Fight Night Professional Boxing event.

The Results Outcome

In just 3 weeks The Click Depot brought in over 100K in ticket sales and a huge increase in website traffic. Needless to say, the Fight Night Professional Boxing Event was a total success.

95% Increase in website traffic

100K Ticket Sales

250K+ Total unique visitors

Social Media Campaigns Delivered a 95% Increase in Monthly Leads

Hear From The Owner Himself

“The people at Click Depot really understand my type of business. And they also really know how to get my name out there. You can’t go wrong with them.”

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