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Case Study

Fit Over 40 Trainer: Online Personal Training

With a long list of experience and titles won in fitness, Fit Over 40 Owner Brett Yokely, has put all his expertise into training people over 40 look and feel their best.

150+  New Monthly Memberships

16 New Full-Time Trainers

2.7K+ Total Unique Site Visitors

The Challenge at Hand

Traditional Methods of Marketing Can Only Get You So Far In a Digitally Advanced World

For many years the Fit Over 40 exclusively relied on word-of-mouth referrals from their previous clients to attract new business. They would have a few new clients here and there, even though it wasn’t consistent they tried the best they could. However, they started to notice the inconsistency was hurting their business.


The Solution

Intuitive Web Design

Not having a website was really hurting Fit Over 40 since they were only reaching a small fraction of their potential audience through traditional marketing efforts. The Click Depot proposed an intuitive website where their audience can learn about the owners and the Fit Over 40 programs, as well as immediately contact them, and set up consultations.


The Solution

Build a Strong National SEO Strategy​

Instead of settling for what was available to them at the moment and continuing with the traditional way of marketing, they knew what their company had to offer and how many people could benefit from their services. With this in mind The Click Depot ran a strong SEO program along with a PPC ad campaign and watched the leads roll in.


The Solution

Custom Fitness Web Application

Fit Over 40 worked closely with The Click Depot’s web development team and local SEO experts to create the tool that would promptly turn their business around. They were able to reach thousands of people with their intuitive website and quickly earned the top positions in the search engines with our SEO strategy.


The Solution

Developed Content & Targeted Keywords

Not only did The Click Depot create a successful website that turned their business around, but we also understand the value of premium customer services. It includes email responses within 15 minutes, returned phone calls within an hour, and transparent monthly campaign reports ensuring everything is understood crystal-clear on both sides.

The Results Outcome

In only two years, Fit Over Forty almost tripled their annual sales from about $225,000 to slightly over $650,000.

They went from occasionally finding new clients to word of mouth to a steady 150% Increase in Website Traffic.

Renovated and doubled the size of their facilities to handle the increased business.

150+ New Monthly Memberships

16 New Full-Time Trainers

2.7K Total Unique Site Visitors

Hear From Business Owner

“Through The Click Depot, we have been able to reach an unimaginable amount of people and grow our business to new heights in a short amount of time.”

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