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Case Study

Ornamental Security: Security Doors & Windows

Established in 1992, Ornamental Security has been assisting homeowners and business owners sure their homes and businesses with good-looking security doors and windows. Property owners can now have safety without sacrificing aesthetics.

300%  Increased Online Sales

450K Increased Annual Revenue

1.5K New Unique Visitors

The Challenge at Hand

Conventional Marketing Methods Weren’t Good Enough anymore

Ornamental Security had over 35 years of experience in their market with a history of market domination. But the internet changed all of that. Their traditional marketing methods were not effective anymore because the internet had changed the marketing landscape. Ornamental Security was looking at a troubling decline in business. The old marketing methods were not producing new customers anymore


The Solution

An Innovative Web Design

After talking with The Click Depot team, they quickly understood where their areas of weaknesses were, how a well-developed website and SEO work, and how to implement these changes to start seeing growth in their business.


The Solution

Develop A Strong Adwords Campaign

Ornamental Security knew that if they kept doing things the same way, their business could sink, so they reached out to The Click Depot. We recommended a AdWord Campaign to help them get to the top of the search results. We also ran a local SEO program for them to achieve the same results organically. They quickly saw what innovative web design and a comprehensive PPC and SEO strategy could do for their business.


The Solution

Restructured Content & Keywords

Not only did The Click Depot create a fully functional website and a successful SEO strategy that turned their business around, but we also understand the value of premium customer services.

The Results After One Year

Ornamental Security has nearly tripled its revenue and has opened two new offices as they expanded into 2 other neighboring markets.

They added two new lines of security products and are now the leading vendor of vinyl windows in their home market.

The best thing is that they have been able to shift all sales over to online-based sales and replace their outbound telemarketing with an inbound sales team.

300% Increased Online Sales

450k Increased Annual Revenue

1.5k New Unique Visitors

AdWords Campaign Delivers a 300% Increase in Monthly Leads

What The Company Owner Said

“The Click Depot allowed us to move our sales model from traditional outbound telemarketing to answering inbound sales calls because of social media marketing. The results have been amazing.”

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