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Case Study

RDU Auto Sales: Used Cars & Trucks

RDU Auto excels in the car dealership business with its “no salesmen” motto and under market priced vehicles. They have been serving the Raleigh community for over ten years and offer top-of-the-line protection plans. They even provide worldwide shipping!

500%  Web Traffic Increase

1.2M Increase Annual Revenue

10.5k Total Unique Website Visitors

How To Stay Above The Competition

When Your Industry Is Extremely Competitive

In many industries, such as car sales, having great deals isn’t enough when people don’t hear about your deals or why you’re the best in the industry. Having an effective website with a powerful online present is the most important.


The Solution

Overhaul & Redesign their Website

The Click Depot explained to RDU Auto Sales how a strategically well-designed website could be their ally. The people at RDU Auto Sales experienced first-hand how they could grow their business with expertly crafted online digital marketing strategies.


The Solution

Develop a Strong Social Media Presence/Ads Campaign as well as AdWords Campaign​

RDU Auto Sales knew they had the best deals and a non-sales person mentality to entirely focus on the client’s needs. By teaming up with The Click Depot and establishing a strong social media presence with winning social campaigns they were able to surpass their sales goals.


The Solution

Keywords and Content Reworked

The Click Depot started by redesigning RDU Auto’s website with premium services so that it would compete in today’s competitive online environment. We also implemented an SEO strategy to get them to the top of the Google search engine, in combination with Pay-Per-Click advertising . These cutting-edge approaches raised RDU Auto to the top of their market.

The Results After One Year

RDU Auto Sales has seen tremendous and sustained growth of over 80% each year over the last three years. Their overall revenue has almost doubled.

Their “per unit” sale price is 30% higher than last year, and the volume of vehicles sold has almost doubled.

More importantly, RDU Auto has been drawing customers from neighboring counties for the first time.

500% Web Traffic Increase

1.2M Increase Annual Revenue

10.5k Total Unique Website Visitors

Between Social Media Campaigns and AdWords Campaign, They Delivered a 10,835% Increase in Monthly Leads

This From the Business Owner

“The Click Depot totally changed our dealership. We are getting lots of customers from outside our county, and they are arriving ready to buy. These guys are great.”

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