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Google Ads & Management

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Google Ads is the Most Used Advertising in the World. The Click Depot Manages Millions of Ad Spend Per Year.

Over $100 Million Managed Client Ad Spend

The Greatest benefit of Paid Advertising is the ability to make immediate returns on your investment. If You are in the right place, saying the right thing. You are going to get the right results. Our PPC Managers have taken every Google Certification Exam and re-certify every year. Our Company is a Google AdWords Partner. The expertise we bring to the table allows our customers to make an almost fail-safe investment. They still have to do their part and close the deal.

If your investing in AdWords or a social media paid ad campaign that you or someone else is managing and are not sure if you can do better. There are some quick and simple metrics to evaluate. Does your website load in less than 4 seconds? Google says that sites that load in greater than 5 seconds start losing visitors. For example, if your site loads in greater than 9 seconds, you may be losing upwards of 30% of your visitors before they even get there. You are losing $300 of every $1000 you invest. This is a quick test before you even get into the many variables that AdWords offers.

Is My PPC Campaign or Performing For My Business

How Your PPC Audit Will Work

At The Click Depot, we start the process of building a new PPC campaign or continuing an existing PPC campaign by performing a thorough audit of your goals and your competitive position.
Research Competitors

Research competitors keywords and advertising activity including techniques and ad budget.

Optimize Landing Pages

Lead prospects through your landing pages, directing them through the sales funnel.

Research Keywords

We use advanced keyword research tools to determine which keywords produce the highest ROI.

Improve Quality

Determine which keywords deliver higher rankings at an equal or lower cost.

Reduce Waste

Using Google Analytics and Keyword Research, identify and adjust poorly performing ad campaigns.

Follow Best Practices

We use Industry Best Practices to evaluate past Google Ads programs, to ensure the highest of success.

Improve CTR

We test programs with sophisticated A/B testing to continuously improve click-through rates.

Efficient Budgeting

We set a budget during the testing phase and only scale up the proven strategies.

Ad Intelligence

Real-time advertising performance data and innovative research and adjustment.

More Effective Ads

Expert & experienced copywriters who create engaging and effective ad copy. Prospects are motivated.

Competitor Research

Find out how top competitors are spending their ad budgets.

Landing Page Optimization

Ads and landing pages designed to move customers effortlessly through the sales funnel.

Keyword Research

Make sure you’re only spending the right amount of money on the right keywords at all times.

Improve Quality Scores

Super-charge your rankings without spending more money.

Waste Reduction

Pinpoint and eliminate campaigns which don’t deliver a good return on investment.

Best Practices

We follow them to give your campaign its best chance of success.

CTR Improvement

We use A/B Testing to improve your click through rate over time.

Better Budgets

Don’t just throw money at the problem – set a budget that works.

Ad Intelligence

Get real-time ad performance data at the touch of a button.

Better Ads

Trained copywriters create compelling copy. Customers respond.

Let Us Help turn your website traffic into Quality leads.

We design irresistible content to attract & convert website traffic into leads and purchases.​

MANAGING ADWORDS is what we excel at

By hiring The Click Depot to manage your PPC campaigns, you are hiring Google AdWords Certified and Microsoft Advertising Professionals to leverage your campaigns. Our team of PPC professionals is continuously engaging in new trends, best practices, and are up-to-date with any changes to ad platforms, therefore enabling constant optimization for your PPC campaigns.

Our digital marketing managers are highly experienced in increasing the ROI for our clients by maximizing the value of the overall pay-per-click budget, including ad spend.

Our avant-garde procedure of optimization for each pay-per-click campaign secures you will maximize your ROI regardless if we’re setting up and creating your first campaign, or if we’re reconditioning existing campaigns.

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