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Conversion Optimization

Making the most out of your marketing conversions.

Better Conversions = Better ROI

We can help you increase conversions through creative web design, Google Analytics trend analysis, call and form data tracking down to the keywords, landing page optimization and split testing ad performance across your paid advertising campaigns. We pay attention to the diagnostic details of all your digital marketing campaign components. This helps more customers engage with your business and an opportunity to increase your sales.

You need to understand that small changes in your rankings will have a big effect on your conversions because the more people see your brand, the higher the chances of them choosing your services or products if you are running an optimized marketing campaign. We will identify the best ways to optimize your digital marketing campaigns for conversions and higher sales for your business.

Your Analysis Is Entirely Unique To You

Just as it should be.

We use various tactics in order to enhance conversions for our clients, and have got experts with years of experience who can make the right changes to drive revenue through lead generation. We will not only work on your landing pages, but will conduct a thorough analysis, which will shoot your conversions through the roof.

That is the reason why we are regarded as one of the best in the business when it comes to improving conversion rate optimization for businesses through our SEO services.

We perform a comprehensive analysis of your marketing programs and landing pages to determine the best path forward.​

Among other things, we focus on:

Page Navigation and Configuration

Testing with A/B, Split, and Variation Tests

Website Architecture and Design

The "Buying Path" of your customers

Loading Speed of All Page Elements

All CTA (Call to Action) Instances

This information allows us to better analyze how your current sales funnel is working from beginning to end and be able to identify what is working for your site and what isn’t.

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Why Should I Invest Conversion Rate Optimization?

Depending on your line of business, your website serves a very important purpose. There are different goals for different types of sites, such as an Ecommerce store, and its goal is to sell products. An industrial website’s goal is to generate leads, lots of them! For a blog site, the goal is to convert visitors into subscribers, and the list continues.

The harsh reality is that most site owners have no idea how they’re actually reaching those goals. It’s a common mistake to measure the success of your site by how much traffic your site is obtaining and its ranking versus actual conversions.

“Vanity metrics” is how we label these types of metrics. It’s comforting to know your site is acquiring many visitors, but what good does 25,000 visitors a month that total $2,500 in sales? Wouldn’t you rather have 2500 visitors per month and make $25,000 in sales? I know I would!

With that being said, maximizing conversions on your website is what it takes to achieve those kinds of results.

So, what if maximizing conversions? A conversion is an action that potentially moves your website visitor towards becoming a customer. A conversion rate is a measure but the percentage of visitors to your website who actually make a conversion. A big mistake you can make is to overlook on conversion rate optimization. The Click Depot gives you the opportunity to maximize your website as a sales and marketing tool.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in being so data-driven that you focus on measuring traffic and ranking metrics. You will find that observing to improve your conversion rate is much more powerful. You will begin to drive sales and revenue, which are the metrics that truly matter.

Because of conversion rate optimization (CRO), we now have the efficiency to pinpoint what is working, what is not working, and how to fix the issues to make them work for you.

Step one in the website sales funnel is to generate interest. Step two, persuade your visitors to become potential clients because they need your service or product. Final step three, close the sale. Our objective is to identify any leaks. These leaks can have some serious impacts on your website’s overall performance.

Let’s just say, you potentially have about 10,000 new customers. They come to your site and enter the sales funnel. When it’s said in done, perhaps only 500 of those customers paid for your service or product. That equals to a total f a 0.5% conversion rate, which in most cases this translates to your sales funnel has some patching up to be done.

The Click Depot’s proven conversion analysis procedure entails of us analyzing and identifying possible leaks in your website’s sales funnel. There could be a number of issues that could be causing the leaks in your sales funnel, such as malfunctioning calls to action buttons or your landing pages need to be redesigned. Another issue which may be less obvious could be your site needs better presentation of your products or services. These are just some of the things we look for and work on to optimize your website and enhance its conversion rate.

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