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Real-Time Reporting for Digital Marketing

Use real search results to drive your digital marking strategy. Our real-time dashboards keep all your digital marking data current and in one place.


Our in-house analytics experts are equipped with different key tools and use segmentation to precisely map out your path to conversion and meet your goals.

The Click Depot puts forth a big emphasis on our SEO Reporting to be able to fully understand how users are interacting with your website and how these interactions can be driven to conversions. There is a lot more to analytic reporting than just spreadsheets packed with numbers.

A true and accurate SEO Reporting will tell a story about the interactions with your website and explain the activity. With our SEO Reporting, we identify which campaign strategies are not working for you while continually capitalizing on your successes.

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No need to wonder if you’re actually understanding what’s going on with your website or how to read its analysis.

Our elaborate reporting and analysis will keep you informed on all the initiatives taken in any marketing campaigns we perform for you. You can see all of the details and key findings through our segmentation which allows you to see the bigger picture. All of these reports can help you gather more leads, make more sales, and maximize your ROI.

Analytics Experience Proven to Succeed

By using previous experience and data from prior clients, we can apply the correct well-informed strategy to your website. With all our analytics experience, The Click Depot can continually enhance your website’s performance and conversions

SEO Reporting Driven by Results

Whether we’re dealing with e-commerce or a lead generation website, The Click Depot has remained active in analytics which has driven every part of our SEO campaigns. This activeness is what has made us become a top-rated marketing agency.

Comprehensive Monthly Reporting

Our comprehensive monthly reports allow you to get an in-depth view and understanding of your website’s campaigns, traffic metrics, and conversion analysis.

Conversion Rate Analysis

Data analysis allows us to pinpoint issues whether usability or technical to fix and improve your sales funnel.

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