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    Increase Pay Per Click Performance

    Pay per click advertising can either be the most profitable part of your Internet marketing program—or you can feel like you are gambling your money away. If you’re one of the thousands of business owners who has lost thousands of dollars on PPC management then it’s time to turn to a professional team who knows how to make the most of your online ad strategy.

    1. Throwing money at the problem. Increasing your keyword bids only goes so far.

    2. Irrelevant ads. Search engines must see ads as relevant before they receive top placement.

    3. Poor CTR. If customers aren’t clicking on ads search engines assume low ad quality and penalize the ad. If you see high impressions but low clicks your ad probably has these issues.

    4. Poor conversions. Lots of clicks but no sales.

    5. Poor ad copy. There is an art to writing great ad copy in a limited space.

    6. Too many ad groups, diluting the effectiveness of the overall ad budget.

    7. Ad fatigue-ads perform well for a time, then stop.

    If your PPC program is failing to provide a good return on investment there’s a good chance you’re suffering from one or more of these issues.

    campaign strategy

    Get more ROI out of your PPC Campaign.

    Your PPC Audit in Action

    Components of our PPC audit and AdWords review.

    Competitor Research

    Find out how top competitors are spending their ad budgets.

    Landing Page Optimization

    Ads and landing pages designed to move customers effortlessly through the sales funnel.

    Keyword Research

    Make sure you’re only spending the right amount of money on the right keywords at all times.

    Waste Reduction

    Pinpoint and eliminate campaigns which don’t deliver a good return on investment.

    Improve Quality Scores

    Super-charge your rankings without spending more money.

    pay per click

    Best Practices

    We follow them to give your campaign its best chance of success.

    CTR Improvement

    We use A/B Testing to improve your click through rate over time.

    Better Budgets

    Don’t just throw money at the problem – set a budget that works.

    Better Ads

    Trained copywriters create compelling copy. Customers respond.

    Ad Intelligence

    Get real-time ad performance data at the touch of a button.

    Ready to improve your Adwords campaigns?

    Allow Our Adwords Team to Maximize Your Return on Your Investment

    Each member of The Click Depot’s PPC team is AdWords certified. This means they are experts in their field who have been trained to overcome each of the 7 issues plaguing PPC accounts through:

    • Careful keyword research
    • Budget optimization
    • Tightly-written ad copy
    • Matching ad campaigns to internal site pages
    • Creating a seamless user experience
    • Optimizing ad groups
    • Using A/B split testing to monitor ad performance
    • Our team has two goals, both of which benefit your business.

    Goal #1: To launch PPC campaigns which help you make sales, creating a positive cash flow. PPC should deliver ROI; it should not act as another overhead item.

    Goal #2: To run the best ad possible at the right time. Rigorous split testing allows our team to improve the amount of value we’re delivering to your company over time. How many companies do you work with who actively seek to provide more value over time, without increasing their prices?