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Blogs, Articles, & Press Releases

The right content at relevant times helps keep your visitors engaged. Our experienced copywriters with decades of customer engagement will help you establish a quality helpful relationship with your customers and provide value that customers will share with their community.



If you’re looking to engage with your readers, blogging is the way to do it. They are written in conversational tones, and they encourage feedback. Readers can post questions, comments, and create conversations with other readers. By having readers engage with your blog posts, they build a relationship with your company and in turn, increases sales.

They are another way you can prove to your audience how superb your customer service or products are. When someone comments or leaves a question on your blog post, you quickly respond in a friendly and caring manner showing your reader that they’re essential to your company and you also show off how proactive your customer service is. They are a truly fantastic way to create virtual relationships and bonds right on your website.

One of the best benefits of blogging is that it drives website traffic. There is no specific formula to how long or short they have to be. And they also come in the forms of videos, pictures, and GIF’s which broadens the options for engaging content. Most of all, having fun and adding humor in blogging is always a plus!


They can be published either electronically or traditional print and can serve several different purposes. If you have news you want to propagate, and academic analysis, a result of a research study, or a debate of interest. Many things go with the writings like statistics, photographs, interviews, graphs, recollections, discussions on topics and much more. Headlines on the pieces are created to grab the reader’s attention and have them focus on the main parts of the article. Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How structures the writer when providing facts and specific information to hook the reader into the article.

Press REleases

These pieces are more so directed at journalists and a prospective audience. They are formal and feed into journalists’ needs who are looking for something newsworthy to write about. Objectively, you want to provide facts, valuable information, and educate your readers.

When you want to draw attention or “create a buzz” whether it be an event, a product, a service, or important news; they are definitely your best bet. There is a standard format in which they are written which first includes an attention-grabbing title. Your subhead followed by a quote, the body, and then a boilerplate which is an overall summary.

There are a few things to consider when writing such a piece and the main thing is what is your primary goal. You can post the finished feature on your website, or you can send it out to journalists and online news sites. You can even find distributing sites and if you’re lucky you’ll come across some that will distribute your article for free, but for the most part that’s not the case and it usually costs a pretty penny. Unlike blogs, which are free to post, share, and are engaging, press release distribution may not be. Their purpose is more for drawing attention.

The great thing about all of these features are that they serve as search engine optimization tools for increasing your online visibility. Your authorship receives credence and your voice moves from author to authority as you continue to accumulate resourceful content. You can brilliantly create content and newsworthy stories to contribute to your digital marketing success. Whatever your industry is, each of these can serve an enormous purpose, so we encourage you never to rule these options out!

Our Digital Marketing Services can create customized authorship for your business and help you gain traction on becoming an authority in your industry. Contact Us today if you would like to learn about our many content marketing solutions.

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