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The Click Depot has been providing SEO since 2007 – soon after the founding of Google. We have seen all of the challenges and developments in this fast-moving technology. We have even been instrumental in some of these changes.

Our SEO technicians have a long history of pushing our customer’s websites to the top of the search results. We maintain an ever-changing “Google Ranking Checklist” that lists hundreds of items that we continuously measure and adjust for each website we promote.

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Some Things on Our "Google Ranking Checklist"


Some Things on Our "Google Ranking Checklist"

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We compare your site’s structure, its architecture, keywords and phrases, and content to your competitors’ websites. Using this thorough analysis, we will create an approach and strategy for creating more effective content from an SEO perspective as well as your prospect’s perspective. This analysis allows us to optimize your keywords, overall content, meta-data and meta-content, site navigation, and overall structure.

In the majority of cases, the website will need an overall rewrite. This process typically includes writing new content and rewriting the meta-data. We also look for things that lower your Google ranking. These negative issues are things such as duplicate content, keyword or key phrase “salting” or overuse, weak content, and other issues that lower the trust level of your site (from Google’s perspective). This process is “partly art, partly science.” While we need to write content for Google’s search engines, we keep in mind that your actual customers will be reading this content, and they need to be compelled by it. After all, getting people to read your website is only half the battle. We need to compel them to become customers.

One of the most powerful tools in the SEO toolbox is the creation of off-site backlinks. These are links to your website that exist on other websites. These sited include review sites like Google or Yelp, industry affiliation sites, blogs, and video sites, white papers, press releases, and other legitimate sites that point their visitors to your site.

These links are one of the most powerful indicators to make Google conclude that your site is important to a lot of other people. And if Google learns that many other people like your website, it is more likely to refer you as well.

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