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The Don’t of Content Marketing


The Possibilities In Digital Media Marketing Are Almost Endless.

As such, it’s probably why everyone has some sort of content marketing strategy in place – and by everyone we mean around 80 percent of all B2B marketers.

However, only 17% of all those marketers feel that their content marketing strategies have garnered a substantial amount of success within the past year. Shocking isn’t it, to know that only a small fraction of all the content marketers can claim any manner of success from all the very many who have a completely devised marketing plan.

Before you begin to wonder what these B2B marketers could be doing wrong to achieve such meager levels of success despite the endless amount of effort and money poured into digital marketing, we’ll tell you. Here’s the list of things most marketers do which means here is the list of things you, as a digital marketer, need to avoid. Presenting the don’ts of content marketing:

Don’t Dismiss Quality for Quantity

Quite a few people believe that quantity is everything when it comes to content marketing; that the more you write and publish, the more it will translate into traffic and sales. However, unfortunately though it may be, that’s just not true. Quality matter just as much as content quantity does, if not more. It doesn’t matter if you’re posting 10 blog posts in a day on your website, unless the posts themselves have something useful to offer to the niche audience, it’s not going to mean much to the audience.

Don’t Ignore the Audience and It’s Needs

The audience is a huge part of a content marketing strategy’s success. Whether or not your marketing approach leads to the generation of traffic or not depends solely on whether you’ve focused on your audience and its needs.

Content can be a very effective tool in converting your audience, the viewer, into a consumer, but only if it’s done right. When it’s not, it’s equally as effective in driving them away. What’s the point of offering makeup advice or DIY tips when you have a website dedicated to the latest findings in technology? Invest in and promote the content that is appealing and engaging to the very market you cater to.

Don’t Discount SEO

Don’t make the horrible mistake of separating SEO from content. Although they are two individual entities, they are also pretty much intertwined, with one having a considerable affect on the other. If you’re content marketing is up to snuff and SEO is completely horrible, you’re content marketing strategy will be nothing but a great disappointment to you. In fact, with poor SEO, there’s just no use spending so much time, effort and money into creating content without SEO because no one is going to be looking at it anyway. It’s a complimenting relationship that works synergistically with one another. Don’t discount one for the other.

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