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The Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing


Why has email marketing become such a trend? Offering benefits over other more traditional forms of marketing? If you are using one of the two most common offline direct marketing communications techniques; Print Postal Mail or Telesales Campaigns, think about the time and effort involved in structuring a direct-to-consumer or direct business-to-business campaign involves. Then consider what an email marketing campaign can do for your business.

Reduced Time & Effort

Print Postal Mailings:

  •  Allow time for a designer to create the mailing, typically through several lengthy revisions.
  •  allow time for the print mailing to be printed, cut and, if necessary, stuffed into envelopes.
  •  Marketing collateral is being transported via the postal system.
  •  Wait for the consumer to retrieve it from the mail box.

Telesales Campaigns:

  •  Construct a telesales script
  •  Wait while your sales agents dial through cycled call
  •  Contact the sales leads or customers on your target list.

Real-Time Messages

With email marketing, short time frames are your friend, not your enemy, a marketing email can be completed in just a few hours. An email can be sent out on the same day. This will help reduce stock and can assist in promoting a “limited time” special or “Flash Sale”. You can send unique real-time messages to customers that arrive on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Personalize Messages

It’s often difficult to speak directly to your consumer in a personalized way. However, email marketing presents many dynamic opportunities to do so. You can send personalized messages about your business and provide information about sales or even purchase history. Also, creating separate emails is significantly less challenging than creating separate postal mail, print mail or advertising campaigns. Allowing you to segment your customer list into smaller lists.

Segment User and Customer Database Information

You can send extremely targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in increased sales conversions. For example, if you sell flowers, you can find everybody in your database who ever bought daffodils and then send them an email in April when the first daffodil shipments come in. You’re then using your customer database to put the most relevant message in front of the customers who are most likely to respond to it, and that’s what good marketing is all about.

More Frequent Communications

Because email takes less time to create and send than other marketing and advertising channels do, you can communicate with your customers more frequently. Instead of only being able to send them a flyer or catalog once a month or once a quarter, you can easily send them offers once a week.

Test Marketing Messages

Good marketing always means being able to test things! It’s incredibly simple to send one version of an email to part of your customer list and a second version of an email to a different part of your email list. Then, through tracking tools you can figure out which marketing message worked better to convert sales or user actions.

Information Spreading

When was the last time that you saw a customer hand over a postal mailing that they’d received to a friend who might be interested? Or seen somebody clip an ad from a magazine and send it to a family member who may want that product or service? The times have changed and forwarding an email with an enticing or useful offer or piece of information only takes seconds. That means that your marketing effort has reached a wider network of who, by forwarding the email, are now acting as your brand advocates.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Email marketing can be done at little to no overhead cost! No need for employees, designers, or marketing analysts. You don’t need to pay for printing, postal mailing costs, phone lines, or advertising rates. An effective email marketing program only needs a great email marketing platform or service and a good marketer who knows how to put the right offers and the right copy and graphics in front of the right portion of your user or customer list.

Exponentially Better Ability to Track Sales and User Engagement

The precise and usable tracking information to help you figure out what’s successful and what’s not can be accomplished with email marketing. This allows you to see; how many people opened an email, how many people clicked a link in an email, which specific link within the email was clicked, how many people complained that an email was spam or unsubscribed and, of course, whether your email even made it into your recipient’s inbox. Combine that with a business’s ability to track sales back to a source and you can identity customer engagement and response through an entire cycle with clear, easy-to-understand metrics.

Save the Planet with Email Marketing!

It may seem minor part, but trying to be more environmentally friendly these days is possible. When you optimize email marketing as your primary customer communication and direct-to-consumer or direct business-to-business marketing method, you’ll help save the planet by reducing the number of trees used for print marketing pieces. We all want to help save the planet, and making a responsible decision about your marketing tools can help you to do just that while also improving your business’s success.

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