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Competitor Keyword Analysis Tool

Do you know what keywords your competitors are using for their campaigns? Having knowledge of the keywords that your competitor is targeting can help you build a more comprehensive and complete list of keywords in your own campaigns. This tool will give you a comprehensive report of the keywords that your competitor is targeting with their Google PPC Campaign along with other information about their ad campaigns.

What’s Included In The Report.

Competitor Keywords

Keyword Cost Per Click

Competitor's Daily Cost

Keyword Search Volume

Competitor's Ad Position

Other Advertisers

New Keyword Ideas

Daily Budget Estimates

how can your competitors'keywords benefit your business

Learning From Your Competitors, the Smart Way

When you first start out a new paid ad campaign, it’s always a good idea to spy on your competitors’ ads to gain some insights into what is working and what isn’t.

Ads are expensive to run, so if your competitor has been running ads for a while then it is very likely the ad is giving them a positive return on investment (ROI).

You can then use this information to set up your own ad campaigns with similar keywords and costs, but that is just part of the overall process to getting an ad campaign to be profitable.

Do Not Copy and Paste Keywords

Although it would be super easy and convenient to just copy, paste, and run with your competitors’ keywords, it’s important to comb through it for any keywords you don’t want to target.

Maybe some of your competitors offer services or products that you don’t, so it would be wise to remove those keywords from your campaigns. This will save you from spending money on ads that are not relevant to your business and what you offer.

Keywords and Costs Are Just the Start

Knowing your competitors’ keywords and costs is a great start to launching an ad campaign, but in order to be profitable there are more details to look into.

For example, choosing the right locations to run ads, choosing the right time of day for the ads, and blocking out negative keywords will all come into play when optimizing your ad campaigns.

These targeting details are often what makes or breaks an ad campaign. Being very specific with your campaign details will save you from spending unnecessary ad budget and bring you a positive ROI.

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