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Duplicate Content Analysis Tool

Having duplicate content on your website can be detrimental to your rankings. Duplicate content penalties occur when the content on your website is similar to the content on another website. That means someone can steal your content, and it can hurt you in the rankings! Use our tool to search for duplicates of your content across the web. Fix your duplicate content and claim back your rankings!

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how can Quality content helpyour website move up in rankings

Why You Shouldn't Copy Competitors Content

Google is getting sharper in defining and promoting quality content to its customers every day. They are constantly improving their search algorithm to make sure that the websites that they promote to the top of their search engine are websites that provide fresh, new value to their customers.

Google catalogs every word, picture, and video on all the sites they find. It’s an incredible body of knowledge. There are “rules” about putting content on your site, and it’s a “losing game” to ignore those rules.

Google will notice immediately if you steal competitors’ content and copy it to your site, especially if you used Google to find that content in the first place. Websites with the text copied from elsewhere fall into the “useless or harmful” category. When Google finds “duplicate content” they decrease the ranking position of the offending website.

Using Competitors’ Content, The Smart Way

That doesn’t mean that you can’t use competitors’ content for your research and their structure and ideas as an idea generator. Combining ideas and design from several competing websites will help you create a site that ranks higher.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure your website covers the same topics as your competitors (where applicable) and also see if there is relevant information that you can provide that your competitor isn’t.

Some online tools and methods can make your research and website copywriting attractive to your audience, safe for Google, and won’t break the bank. Think of your competitors’ sites as sources for research.

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