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eCommerce Design & Development

We will build eCommerce sites and strategies that will dramatically increase your online sales.


Nowadays, if you’re not selling online, you’re not selling much at all. And if you are selling online, then you’re going head to head with giants, especially Amazon, so you need to bring your own A-Game. Our strategies cover every aspect of the online buying and selling process, from the first click to the final sale. Customers need to be able to move fluidly and quickly through your site. They need to quickly find the ideal products that most fit their needs and desires. The decision process to purchase those products and receiving them as quickly needs to progress as smoothly as possible. The slightest inconvenience or bother on your site can send them to your competitors in as little time as it takes to click. But a simple, smooth, clear, and compelling online shopping experience can keep them not only coming back for future sales but also sharing your site with others.

Our design services and principles include:

Ease-Of-Use Shopping Carts With Multiple Features

All Major Cards And Payment Methods Including PayPal

Attractive Fully Functionally, Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Compatible With Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Easy To Understand Tracking And Reports

A Customer Experience That Will Drive Conversions

Ability To Offer Multiple Coupons, Discounts or Sales

Branded Presentation For An Unforgettable Store

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What Makes An e-Commerce Website Effective?

An online store is all about extending your company into the digital spaces your customers already inhabit. You want your products and services to be a click away. An effective online store doesn’t just make the sale possible but also irresistible.

An efficient business site collects information on your customers so that you can better reach them in the future. It also provides a smooth and comfortable shopping experience so that your customers will want to return again and again. They will return with full confidence that they will be able to purchase the exact products and services they need, safely, securely, conveniently, and with all of the necessary information readily available to them.

Perhaps more than any online tool of doing business in the online world, your cyber-store is where the rubber meets the road in building real relationships with customers and allowing them to spend money. It’s where all that product development, organizational design, and marketing campaigns pay-off at the point of sale. It’s not something you can afford to “just patch together.” You need a responsive website that is on the cutting edge and always up to date with the latest digital shopping features. Your site needs to hold its own when compared to the likes of Amazon. This process is exactly what we provide.


The difference between an e-commerce website and other sites is that other websites showcase their services and brand, while e-commerce websites integrate a data bank of product information, product search, products, order processing, and payment setups, among many other features. All of these functionalities allow your customers to browse your products and make purchases instantly seamlessly.

The driving-force to market any company is top-of-the-line design tools and striking multimedia. We use this same concept to design what has become a stunning and lucrative substitute for traditional walk-in retail stores. Online shopping has revolutionized the retail industry, and more and more people love how cost-effective and seamless having a fully functioning online store is. There is no keeping up with hiring employees for different shifts, managing schedules, dealing with no-show employees, paying rent, and no dealing with landlords or property management personnel.


Our successes are due to the combined efforts of our web developers, designers, digital marketing managers, and ingenious strategists. All of our e-commerce clients are delivered fully-operational websites that offer their audience a flawless online shopping experience. Another big focus of ours for any website is assuring mobile-friendliness. People are always on the go, and we make sure that your clients receive the same impeccable experience regardless of the device they use. Because of extensive knowledge and expertise, our talented designers and developers are sure to provide long-lasting, reliable, and immaculate services to all our clients.


The Click Depot has exceeded in delivering online solutions tailored to each unique business, budget, and goals. Our expert developers work with any e-commerce platform regardless if you need a new website or already have an online store. Another important factor is we can integrate with a third-party and business-critical applications like CRM applications and inventory management. Being based in Raleigh, North Carolina, has not stopped us from working with any customer anywhere in the world.

To build a successful online store, we must first get to know you, your vision, your goals, and your challenges. We refuse to go with cookie-cutter solutions for the sake of a quick turn-around. Your website is guaranteed to be as unique as your business and audience. You will be working closely with our expert developers and designers who are highly knowledgeable of successful and profitable online stores and what it takes to apply those elements to your site. Your designated team will work with you in developing the perfect strategy that will drive your website to meet your goals.

No page is left unturned throughout the development of your site, including after it goes live. As soon as we have created a beautiful masterpiece, which is your new online store, we have the tools and experience to get your website ranking high and maximizing conversions. After many great years of proficiency, we have developed know-how of marketing your site after development and optimization, which comes second to none.

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