Small Business Marketing

The Click Depot serves a variety of small and mid-sized businesses throughout your area.

Below are a few examples of companies we’ve worked with in the past.

Find Out How We Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Legal Services

People who need lawyers are often in a panic, and many grab the first lawyer they find. That’s why it’s important to make your law firm visible online.

Personal injury lawyers

Divorce law firms

Real estate lawyers

Family law and estate attorneys

Criminal law firms

Disability lawyers

Bankruptcy attorneys

Legal tax and accounting firms

legal services

medical companies

Medical Companies

Insurance companies often force consumers to make “blind” choices about their primary care physicians, and it can be tough for people to know who they should trust with their care. Our strategies help you stay visible while putting patients at ease.

Doctor’s offices – Plastic Surgeons, OB/Gyn

Dentist’s offices – Family and Pediatric Dentists / Orthodontists

Chiropractors – Acupuncture and western medicine

Plastic Surgeons

Home Improvement and Repair Companies

Contractors face some unique SEO challenges. For example, they usually work out of their trucks, covering a service area, rather than working out of an office. Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of experience helping to overcome these challenges.

Autobody & Collision Shops





Water & Fire Restoration Services




Home Security Companies


Garage Door Companies

HVAC Service & Repair

Pressure Washing Services

Siding, Window Repair, Door Repair, etc.

Appliance and electronics repair


And Many More!

Automotive Companies

We help automotive companies overcome their biggest digital marketing challenges by helping them to demonstrate why they’re a trustworthy choice for their customers.


Towing companies

Window tint companies

Auto body collision and restoration companies

GPS and fleet management companies

automotive companies

insurance companies

Insurance Companies

Insurance agents are working harder than ever to stay competitive. Our focused programs help agents demonstrate why they’re a smart choice.

Life Insurance

Auto Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Bail Bonds

Business Coverage

Motorcycle Insurance

Retail Stores

You’re not just worried about web traffic—you’ve got to worry about physical traffic, too. We help your retail store succeed, whether it’s brick-and-mortar only, e-commerce only, or a combination of both.

Local Clothing Stores

Book Stores

Furniture Outlets

Online Boutiques

retail stores

sports fitness companies

Sports and Fitness Companies

Our targeted, comprehensive Internet marketing plans help you sell memberships, fill appointment books, and reach customers all over your local area.


Personal trainers

Health Spas

Martial arts schools

Dance academies