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5 Hottest Web Design Trends for 2019


As the New Year has set in, it has brought along a number of new trends in every industry. Same is the case for the website designing and development industry. The tools and techniques are developing every passing day. Here is a list of the latest website trends that you need to follow in the year 2017 to stand out from your competition.

1. Layouts to Make the Content Shine

While the past few years saw a magical evolution of the designs, the trend has now shifted back to focusing on the content. Designers all over the world have now realized that it is the content that the people visit websites for and not just the design. The aim of the designing elements is now to make the content efficient, intuitive and readable in a delightful way. Minimalistic design is the way to got this year.

2. Go Big and Bold

As the world of website design has realized that the focus should be more on the content than just the design, more and more website designs are trying to include an inspiring copy that makes a big and bold statement in the mind of the readers. By big and bold, we don’t mean the weight and size of the font, it is about dedicating a specific and big part of the design to an encompassing single statement about the company. In this fast moving word with busy people, it is this single statement that makes all the difference.

3. Bright Colors

While the design will come to a minimum, the designers will resort to using bright colors for their websites. The same has been going on since the last year and it is expected to remain the same this year as well. It is not just the bright colors that are making their way into the designing elements, but also  blurring and blending. However, the new trends are not encouraging forced colors and elements, but it is focusing more on the naturalism in the use of colors.

4. Animation

Animation has been in the website designing business for some time now and it is not going away this year as well. With the designers getting their hands on some latest techniques and programs, it is expected that this year we will witness some smile sparking and engaging animations. They are going to become more refined and prominent in the year 2017.

5. A Focus on Personalization, Content Delivery and Conversion

Personalization of design and content has been the hot topic in website design industry for quite some time now and it is expected to grow more this year. This year, websites will be catering more to the personalization taking into consideration things like the behavior, demographics and the context. There have been many experiments done in this area and many of these have revolved around manual personalization of the design and content as recommended by the users. This is expected not only to continue but grow more this year.

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